Rose Tinted Saturday

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Friday night was spent drinking LOTS of wine at a friends house, sitting around a fire.

Didn’t feel like making breakfast, so we walked to our favourite breakfast spot in our hood (Hout Bay). Pretty neh?
Marcee… She says she was still drunk lol. She DID have too much tequila ha ha ha.
In last night’s clothes. Go ahead and judge me :(
Went to go an pick up a book that I ordered 2 weeks ago. This is my December book :)

Once I got home, I got back into bed and DIED. The only reason I got out of bed, showered and wore ‘fresh’ clothes is because we had to go to the launch of wine whiskers. We won prizes (wine he he he). Had lotsa fun with friends. I didn’t take any pics at the event because I feel weird asking people to stop telling awesome stories and pose for the camera. Nobody wants to be that person. Don’t be that person :(

This was actually on my bucket list: taking one of those mirror pics. It was our first time, so we didn’t do a very good job ha ha ha.

September Book (Maru)

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Over at the last blog I used to ‘review’ books that I was reading. Why? At the beginning of the year I decided that I would try to read at least one book a month. I am very happy to say that I have been VERY successful. That is not a humble brag. I AM bragging. The only month that I didn’t finish a book was August and that is because I had a very big writing project and a very tight deadline.

My September book is Maru by Bessie Head. I had been searching for this book for 2 years and couldn’t find it any book stores. Darling little brother got it for me as a birthday present this year (how sweet is that guy?).

Maru is so beautifully written. I was drawn in from the first sentence. The story is about, orphaned Masarwa, teacher Margaret Cadmore and her arrival in the small village of Dilepe. Most people like her are slaves and the town is not sure what to make of her. Something beautiful happens and that something leads to some awesome and inexplicable events. I hate getting into the details of a book, for fear of spoiling it for you. I felt like the book was too short and I’m definitely going to read it again (during the holidays).

Bessie Head

The book is written by the incredible Bessie Head. A South African who later moved to Botswana and wrote till she died. She died young (48) but I am grateful that she wrote. I am a lover of Bessie Head. Her writing is nothing short of a gorgeous display of genius. Thank you Bessie Head.

I will share some of the books that I read and shared over at my last blog. In the meantime get familiar with Bessie Head.

Red Lips

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I’ve always wanted red lipstick and I have been struggling to get the perfect shade of red. Today while Marcee was getting some lip balm from Mac, I started looking for the ‘perfect red’. Sadly I didn’t find one, but I did find lip liner that I could use as an alternative. Its bold and it doesn’t clash with my skin tone. Her are pics of Marcee (my best friend and manager lady) posing at home.

I won’t lie… I’m mad that MY perfect red looks so perfect on Marcee
There was something in my eye. *sniff*


SO happy with the Perfect Red. Watch out folks, I will be pouting all day tomorrow ;)

Rainy Day

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I’m sitting in my car in the middle of town and its raining outside. I tried to take a picture, but it just didn’t capture how beautiful this morning is. Today didn’t get off to such a lekker (nice) start, but I’m grateful that I got up early and decided to work from my car. Rainy days are best experienced from inside your car or bed :)

This is PERFECT weather for a studio session. A glass of red wine to get things going and then put down some vocals. Awwww man! *Kicks rocks*. For the next album, I’m going to schedule studio sessions on days where its rainy.


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