I’m a runner

I'm a runner

I’m a runner. When a place or people get ‘toxic’, I run. Seemingly, I have been in the same place for a long time. It’s time to run. I am so unbelievably attracted to the Eiffel Tower. It is ridiculous.

I’ve been telling my friend @beanbagboy that he should move to New York. He’s wanted to live in New York for AGES. So, I’m gonna take my own advice.

I don’t think I’ll go live in Paris, but I will make it my yearly thing. 3/4 weeks a year should be enough to keep me going. I’m definitely putting my running shoes on. Its time to run away.

Time flies

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Time flies

Little bro has been here since August. He leaves next week :( It honestly feels like he’s only been here for 2 weeks. We laugh so much. Love him! Gonna miss him :(

Breaking up with Worry

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Breaking up with Worry

Yesterday I attended a very early meeting. It was good news only. Then straight after the meeting something happened that was less than perfect. Old Me would have been sick with worry all day. Instead I chose to focus on what I had to do for the day. I’m breaking up with Worry. It doesn’t serve me. Bad things happen and good things happen. Things happen! Worry is a waste of my time.

Image via The Classy Issue

Serenades 3 (and some radio)

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This week was lots of fun, I was interviewed on 2OVfm and I serenaded the One Small Seed and Entertainment Africa teams.

Hanging out with Kamini at 2OVfm
I don’t know how to be normal
They have a podium and a ‘fake’ dog. Why wouldn’t I do this?
Singing for folks at One Small Seed :)

Launching a new single is much more fun this way. I can actually see how people react to the song. Instead of just sending it off to radio and then being sent on a wild goose chase. Woza Album!!

Manager Lady tells me we have a few more exciting serenades and radio interviews lined up.

Have you pre-ordered the album yet?

Way Back When (Toni Braxton)

It was the late 90’s and Toni Braxton’s Secrets album was EVERYTHING!! My dad brought it home one day and I listened to it EVERY day for months. I loved her first album, so I had been looking forward to Secrets. It didn’t disappoint. Many of the songs on the album were written by Babyface. And I don’t need to tell you that the man is a songwriting GENIUS. If you don’t believe me go listen to Beyonce’s ‘Best Thing I Never Had’, he had something to do with it. Babyface is one of my favourite songwriters :)

There was a song on the album that was written and produced by R.Kelly; I Don’t Want To. I was singing this song in the car yesterday with the Manager Lady. That made me want to post in on here. Man…

Tell me that song didn’t touch you in a tender place? Ha ha ha ha ha. It touched me. It really did.

I don’t understand Halloween

I don't understand Halloween

I am not a fan of Halloween, I don’t understand it and I find it slightly amusing that South Africans have started celebrating it. That being said I came across this little darling. Dressing up as one of my favourite movie characters AND being cute, this guy wins!

Image via The Classy Issue (click on it to go there)

Is The Album In Stores?

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“When is the album going to be in stores?

“Why should I pre-order the album?”

“Can’t I just go to a CD store and get it?”

I’ve been asked these questions a lot lately… So I’m going to explain why the album is not in stores (yet -Inshallah).

I am not signed to a (record) label. My Manager Lady and I ARE the label; 2 Witches (yes that is the ACTUAL name of our label). We have financed every aspect of this project. Every. Single. Thing. That’s why I call myself a D.I.Y Artist. Remember the remix video? It was shot in my dungeon on my BlackBerry (9900) by the Manager Lady & edited by my big bro.


Music Stores are business, so they don’t just accept all albums released in South Africa. I don’t blame them. They usually accept albums from established labels because they have been doing business with them for years now. And they trust that those labels will do the necessary marketing to get people into their stores and buy the albums.

2 Witches is a tiny label and this is our first release. We already know that I have had very little support from SA Radio, for whatever reason (I stopped caring). I AM however playlisted in 36 countries and people enjoy my music. I put my last few singles up on iTunes etc and people from many parts of the world downloaded them almost immediately.


Manager Lady and I would like to get the album in to stores. In order to do that, we need to prove that there is demand for the music/album. This is where you come in. If by 16 December 2012 (when the pre-order process stops) we have (let’s be ambitious) 1500 pre-orders… Then we can run along to the music stores/distributors and say to them “Ey yo! Look here, you can’t keep a good woman down. We got 1500 pre-orders for an album that got no radio love (locally) and isn’t even out yet.” I imagine the Music Store/Distibutor person will say “Eff off! I don’t believe you. You should be ashamed of yourself for lying.” And then I will show her/him the proof. And then the CD will be in stores. Who knows maybe even SA radio stations will get on the band wagon (he he).

So you see why this pre-order process is so important? Let’s get this album into music stores. VIVA Pre-Orders VIVA!

Go ahead and send (via sms or WhatsApp) ‘Invincible’ to +27826436020 and get the banking details. Go on.
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