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On Saturday I introduced Summer 196. Its my crazy idea to get reviews of Invincible Summer from all 196 countries. The first review was written by Nomsa Mdhluli (from Cape Town, South Africa). The next album review is from Geneva (Switzerland) and it is written by Jennifer Neves:

So I got my copy of Invincible Summer as soon as it listed on iTunes . It sat alongside several other similarly titled albums… most of them compilations of the club and rave music you would find on every self respecting Ibiza playlist!!! Lol If that is what you were hoping for when you picked up Black Porcelain’s Invincible Summer, then I suggest you put down the album sleeve and step away from the grown people’s section!! This album is mature and as regal as the queen on its cover.

It is eclectic in that it balances really feel good tracks like DON’T FROWN and HOT PINK with melancholic tunes like IT’S NOT NEWS and my personal favourite, JOHNNY….this song has magnificent runs and puts on display the artist’s captivating vocal ability accompanied only by a piano, simple in its arrangement and powerful in its delivery.

Love, love, love it….just one small observation, SLIP would make a sick dance tune….have you offered to sleep with David Guetta yet madam? If you haven’t, I suggest you get right on it….world dance hits don’t just make themselves you know :-))))))

– Jennifer Neves (Geneva, Switzerland)

Jen 2

Jen 1

Jennifer was born in Swaziland but now lives and works in Geneva… As a model. I’m kidding, but she is just gorgeous and funny.

CoverInvincible Summer is on iTunes. You can also buy it HERE using PayPal or EFT and we will post it you. If you want to review the album, leave a comment below :)

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