Markets, Juice & Laughter

Markets, Juice & Laughter

This weekend was perfect! Woke up after 10. Went to Old Biscuit Mill to eat food, admire bearded boys, talk to friends, buy kale (stop rolling your eyes), drink wine and act like the weather was not semi-gloomy.

After Biscuit Mill Marcee forced me to drive to Shelley’s (on Kloof) because she HAD to have juice. Not just plain old Carrot Apple & Ginger like me. She had to have Apple, Pear & Mint juice. Something about the colours behind her and the way she was smiling… It felt beautiful. I had to take a picture of her. We also laughed a lot. Till my tummy hurt.

Sunday was pretty much yummy food and watching Dr Who. I couldn’t ask for a better winter weekend.


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On the 28th of June I performed at The Wawela Music Awards (post about that to follow). I performed a song that I wrote in my first years as a Songwriter. In 2005 I couldn’t read or write music properly. I bought a second hand keyboard and took piano lessons. One of the first songs I wrote was Johnny.

Pic courtesy of SAMRO


To hear people tell me how much they loved the song… It meant so much. More than any of them will ever know. Ray Phiri (of Stimela) said he couldn’t believe that we (songwriters at the awards) were part of his legacy. I was truly honoured to have a legend like him say such wonderful things about my gift. It’s a gift that I am still exploring and having so much fun with.

June Book (The Shining Girls)

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June Book (The Shining Girls)

I had heard many good things about the works of South African author Lauren Beukes. Reading one of them was on my very long list of ‘good things to do for myself’. It wasn’t until I read the plot of The Shining Girls that I finally bought one of Lauren’s works… Look at me calling her Lauren like we’re friends.

The Shining Girls has everything that makes me happy; Time travel, serial killer, fantastic hero and LOTS of ‘mind fuck’ stuff. I don’t know how to review books. All I will tell you is that you will LOVE this book if you are interested in the things I listed.

I love creative women. They make me feel like I am not alone in my madness. I like Lauren even more because she is a South African. I want to read this book again before the end of the year. It is beautiful.

2014 Travels (option 1)

I thought I wanted to go to Brazil for the World Cup next year. After much thought I realised that I’m just not passionate enough and my FOMO is non existent. So… We’ve decided that we’re going to…

Madrid. Looking pretty & lit up

This seems much better than being in a place where everyone is there to ‘have fun’ and ‘enjoy the soccer fever’.

Get some sun in Barcelona

I better start learning some Spanish.Image


Need to learn how to say ‘this drink is awesome! I love this song… now kiss me.’ Kidding… Kinda… Not really… Maybe.

Have you been to Spain? Did you like it? What didn’t you like about it? Where should I ABSOLUTELY go and what should I miss? Let me know.

May book 3 (Home)

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May book 3 (Home)

Imagine how excited I was when I found out that Toni Morrison has a new novel… It felt like Christmas!!!

I noticed when I bought it that it was a short book. I paced myself and tried not to fly through it but… it’s Toni. How could I not?

The book is about a soldier, Frank Money, who returns from the Korean war and tries to integrate back into society. It seems as though he is failing until he get’s an ominous note saying “Come fast. she be dead if you Tarry.” This note take Frank on a journey he never imagined he would take. A journey back home and one that requires him to be brave and truthful.

I LOVED this book and will be reading it again when i need quiet and to be reminded just how UNREAL Toni Morrison’s gift is. Thank badimo for Toni. Haleloo!

May Book 2 (Left to Tell)

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May Book 2 (Left to Tell)

This book was recommended by a friend. I never really read books recommended by other people because I feel like reading is such a personal thing and we all have our own preferences. But I read it anyway because it was about the Rwandan Holocaust.

The story is an interesting one. I was very curious to find out about the holocaust from one of the survivors. I am in disbelief that something like this happened in the 90’s and very few ‘western’ and African countries did something about it. One day we will all have to explain to our children how something so awful happened AGAIN and why nobody came to the rescue of the Tutsi people.

There is another part of me that LOATHES what colonialism did to African people. I’m not willing to justify my beliefs and am certainly not in the mood to ‘debate’. All I’m saying is: if you don’t see how much colonialism has broken African people then… You’re a *CENSORED*!

The only down side to this book is that 60% of it is about religion. She mentions praying, God and religious things waaaay too much. Had I known this was a Hay House book, O would never have read it. I feel as though the author could have done less religious and the-secret-type-of preaching and focused more on the human element.

Read this book if you don’t mind the OBVIOUSLY preachy Hay House vibes. One half of me is glad that I read it. the other half? Meh!

Album Review (Rushay Booysen – PE)

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared a review. I’m back with some more Summer 196 love. The last review was by Nadia from New York, this time we move back to SA with Rushay Booysen. I don’t change these reviews in any way. I copy and paste them as I receive them. So here is Rushay’s review —->

I’ve been graced with a long overdue taste of your debut album
“Invincible Summer” ,A delightful twelve track album that delivers on a
lot of highs. I’ve got to say this about your album its simplistically
graceful and delivers a musical punch.The album also manages to strike
a balance between production and vocals.I was extremely awed by the
slick production and how you maintained a message when the music could
easily have overshadowed your vocals and ultimately your message.Black
Porcelain manages to create an album that is musically and visually

Correct me if im wrong but this is a musical diary,written,compiled
and delivered by Black Porcelain! I can title this album jazz,soul,pop
but i would rather label it music cos it appeals to any person that
appreciates good music.There’s a number of standout tracks that caught
my ear but i will focus on “Hot Pink” a banger that could lace any
dance floor at Ministry of Sound or Pacha.I love how you able to
navigate through emotions and how well the tracks balance each
other.My favorite track on the album is  “Johnny” this piano laden
track also exposes Black Porcelain’s vocal range,while expressing some
heartfelt emotion over this “Johnny”.Without saying too much,purchase
the album and put on your Skullcandy’s

-Rushay Booysen

Look at those eyes. Are those they eyes of a liar? NO! Rushay is no liar, so you better get yourself a copy of Invincible Summer
That hat is EVERYTHING!!

The album is available from iTunes or you can get it from me and I will post it to you.


May Book 1 (Philida)

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May Book (Philida)

Marcee raved about A Dry White Season by Andre Brink so when we were at the book store and I saw Philida I thought I would give it a try.

I’m not sorry that I bought this book. It’s the story about Philida, a slave, and the journey to becoming free. Free from her ‘owners’ and the secrets that threaten to cripple her. I also enjoyed some of the history in the book. I live in Cape Town, so that made the book even more interesting for me.

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