I don’t understand Halloween

I don't understand Halloween

I am not a fan of Halloween, I don’t understand it and I find it slightly amusing that South Africans have started celebrating it. That being said I came across this little darling. Dressing up as one of my favourite movie characters AND being cute, this guy wins!

Image via The Classy Issue (click on it to go there)


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I LOVE Melody’s stuff. Got my bestie some awesome M.E stuff for her birthday. I’m thinking of getting myself something for Christmas. Yessir!

Image via Melody’s Blog (click on it to visit her blog)

May have just fallen for her

May have just fallen for her

Everything she said is everything that I believe. She is beautiful and just… Well you know how it goes when you ‘discover’ a like-minded woman. She is talented, smart and speaks a bunch of languages. Yes. A bunch. I’m going to go and stalk her and her works for a while.

Image via Just Let Them Eat Cake (click on it to go to the blog)

Bearded and What Now?

A few weeks ago while I was filling up (my car) I saw a man with a beard. He was so HOT I immediately tweeted that I would kiss him AND his beard. I can’t say that I was a beard girl before… But I think I am becoming one. Thanks to the tumblr Bearded and Black I can (safely) look at some hotties with beards. This is a safe space, so no judgement!

I visited the blog today and saw the most talented and good looking Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def)

Law’ ha’ mercy!!

This made me find one my MOST favourite-est songs by this dude, check out the video below.

BOP TV used to play music videos late at night and I used to stay up on a Friday or Saturday night to see this one.

Red Lips

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I’ve always wanted red lipstick and I have been struggling to get the perfect shade of red. Today while Marcee was getting some lip balm from Mac, I started looking for the ‘perfect red’. Sadly I didn’t find one, but I did find lip liner that I could use as an alternative. Its bold and it doesn’t clash with my skin tone. Her are pics of Marcee (my best friend and manager lady) posing at home.

I won’t lie… I’m mad that MY perfect red looks so perfect on Marcee
There was something in my eye. *sniff*


SO happy with the Perfect Red. Watch out folks, I will be pouting all day tomorrow ;)

Fine and Mellow

To call myself a fan of Billie Holiday, would not be enough. I’m a lover of both Billie and her music. I remember when I heard her for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the ‘raw’. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to observe it (from a distance) or question if it had been there forever.

Miss Holiday

I could listen to Billie all day, wake up the next day and do it again. I love what she says at the beginning of the video about never singing a song the same. The music is such a big part of her that she cannot separate herself from it. God Bless Miss Holiday.

Image via Black Contemporary Art

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