July Book 1 (Buddha In The Attic)

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I had actually selected a book for July. I was busy reading it when I found myself stranded somewhere for a few hours (waiting for Marcee). I was not feeling well so I just wanted to sit in my car and read a book. But I had left my book at home. So I begrudgingly went into a small book store and bought a book. They didn’t have any of the books I wanted, so I picked one randomly.


The book is about Immigrant Japanese women who go to the US expecting their husbands (that they’ve ‘chosen’ through a matchmaker). This wonderfully written short book looks at their journeys from Japan to the ‘promised land’ until just before the war (WW2) as whole communities of Japanese families ‘disappear’. I finished the book in a day, that’s how beautiful it is.

It’s one of those books you wish you had never read. Just so you can read it (for the first time) all over again.

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