July Book 2 (Kafka On The Shore)

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I have always wanted to read Murakami. I just never found the time. Since this is my 30th year on earth, I thought I would treat myself to ‘nice things’. So I got Kafka On The Shore. Admittedly I didn’t know what to expect. A lot of time was spent trying to decide which of his books to start with. I’m not sure what exactly made me choose this one.


I will admit that my schedule was a little crazy so I ended up reading the first half of the book in a very disjointed way. This may have interfered with my understanding/enjoyment. On a flight to Johannesburg, I decided to give it another try.

It’s a story about two seemingly unrelated characters who couldn’t be any more different. The first is Kafka; a 15 year old run away. He is not running from anyone but a prophecy. The other is Nakata (one of my favourite characters); a man who can speak to cats but isn’t very intelligent. Their stories intertwine in a magical and bizarre way that left me saying “what the…”

I’ve read many authors but none like Murakami. He really trusts that you will follow him into a world where everything makes sense but not in a way that you might understand. It is raw, honest, beautiful, real and unreal. In one of my busiest months so far, I allowed myself to steal a few minutes (between meetings etc) and get lost in Murakami’s world.

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  1. I think a lot, if not most, of Murakami’s novels are like that. If you have time, try his most recent novel, 1Q84. I think it’s much better than ‘kafka’ but it’s a bit long.

    • Thanks. I forgot to ask for Murakami recommendations in the post. I will definitely try that one next :)

      • I used to want to read if not all, then most of his books, but after reading 2 which were both very strange, I kinda want to take a break from Murakami. I want to think that he can write different types of books and not just have that one style of writing.

  2. I like Murakami’s THE ELEPHANT VANISHES (story collection).

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