July Book 2 (our Lady of Benoni)

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While moving from my old spot to here, I forgot to do a post on July Book 2. In June I got the opportunity to meet one of my favourite authors (Zakes Mda). He was receiving an honourary doctorate from UCT and invited Marcee and I as his guests. This was definitely one of the highlights of my year. Less than a month later, he was back in the country and invited me to the launch of his new play Our Lady of Benoni.

After all the launch excitement I sat Marcee down and read the play to her. A few days later I sat down and read by myself. Our Lady of Benoni is set in a public park in Johannesburg. The 5 characters deal with issues of patriarchy, virginity testing and faith in South Africa. The title of the book is inspired by the (true) story of Francesca Zacke; a 17yr old girl from Benoni who (in 200&) claimed to see visions of the virgin Mary.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy reading the play, but I did. Rumour has it that it might be staged at the Baxter this year. If that’s true, I will definitely be there.


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