Lucky Number 76

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Its no secret that I’m excited (and frightened by) the upcoming album launch. A few days ago we launched the pre-order competition; pre-order Invincible Summer and you could win and performance by me and my band (anywhere in SA). If you’re outside of the country and are bummed about not winning a performance… Sorry. But you DO get a limited edition Invincible Summer T-shirt when you pre-order the album (YAY!!)

You KNOW you want to pre-order the album

Since the day we announced the campaign, I felt the doubt start to creep in. You know the usual B.S that goes through your mind when you are doing something that REALLY matters to you. Today my manager lady told me that we have EXACTLY 76 PRE-ORDERS OF THE ALBUM! 76! 

To some, this may seem like nothing. But to someone like me. Who has no label, no budget, just a dream, my talent, my Manger Lady and a good attitude (mostly). This is a BIG DEAL! It means that out there somewhere there are 76 people who really like my music and believe that the album is worth ordering. I am SO HAPPY! So happy that 76 people took time out of their busy lives and actually PRE-ORDERED MY ALBUM!

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! Please keep spreading the word and don’t ever stop being so amazing.

Grateful & ecstatic Porcelain :)

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  1. “has no label, no budget, just a dream” – It all starts with a dream :) I’m in awe of your insanity! Keep going guys! This is what I call “embracing your Regal nature – when you “listen” to that innerself and push for what you believe you were designed for.

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    I think we all need to support our friends, and this is how i am supporting a friend :-)

  3. Congratulations! that is great – you deserve this and much more. Holding thumbs and never give up – always live your dream!

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