March Book (Tom Sawyer)

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This year I tried to read at least one book a month. I’m going to be sharing posts (about the books I’ve read) from my previous blog on to here. This is pulled directly from my old spot.

I’m just gonna act like I am not almost 2 months behind with my reading and tell you about the March Book. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was a lovely read. I often myself laughing out loud or holding my breathe. The book is about the kind of little boy I suspect I might have been… Had a been born male ha ha. I thoroughly enjoyed Tom Sawyers adventures, his infatuation with the new girl (Becky Thatcher) and even his filthy, pipe smoking friend Huck (I am planning to read his book in about 2 months).


The book was written over a hundred years ago, so I found myself often picking up the dictionary or googling things like ‘spunk water’. I was also very surprised at the use of the n-word as well. Besides that, it was a wonderful book. Put it on your list of books to read :)

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