May Book 2 (Left to Tell)

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May Book 2 (Left to Tell)

This book was recommended by a friend. I never really read books recommended by other people because I feel like reading is such a personal thing and we all have our own preferences. But I read it anyway because it was about the Rwandan Holocaust.

The story is an interesting one. I was very curious to find out about the holocaust from one of the survivors. I am in disbelief that something like this happened in the 90’s and very few ‘western’ and African countries did something about it. One day we will all have to explain to our children how something so awful happened AGAIN and why nobody came to the rescue of the Tutsi people.

There is another part of me that LOATHES what colonialism did to African people. I’m not willing to justify my beliefs and am certainly not in the mood to ‘debate’. All I’m saying is: if you don’t see how much colonialism has broken African people then… You’re a *CENSORED*!

The only down side to this book is that 60% of it is about religion. She mentions praying, God and religious things waaaay too much. Had I known this was a Hay House book, O would never have read it. I feel as though the author could have done less religious and the-secret-type-of preaching and focused more on the human element.

Read this book if you don’t mind the OBVIOUSLY preachy Hay House vibes. One half of me is glad that I read it. the other half? Meh!

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