May Book 3 (Dance With a Poor Man’s Daughter)

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How in the… I just realised that I read THREE books in May. I don’t remember reading 3 books, but I remember the books. Anyway… I am sharing the books that I read last year. Pulled this from my old blog:

I realise that I said I wouldn’t be reading another book this month because I had quite a bit of writing and album stuff to take care of. So I’m gonna sort of hang my head in shame for a few seconds. *pause*


The third book for this month is by Pamela Jooste (Dance With a Poor Man;s Daughter). This was another one of those books that my friend Amanda was kind enough to lend me. The book is set in Cape Town during the beginning of coloured people’s forced removals (from ‘The Valley’ to the Cape Flats). It is told told from the perspective of eleven year old Lilly who lives with her grandmother and aunt Stella. The story itself is one that I enjoyed a lot, but there was something about the book that felt a little ‘superficial’. I guess not every author is a Toni Morrison or a Zakes Mda and I certainly cannot hold that against Pamela Jooste. There was a moment when I did entertain that the book could feel a little ‘superficial’ because it is written by a white woman from the perspective of a young coloured girl. I wont spoil the book for you because those are all my own things.

I really did enjoy the story even if I did find it a little ‘holey’ sometimes. Like I always say; read the book and it might be something you enjoy.

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