September Book 1 (The Whale Caller)

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September Book 1 (The Whale Caller)

I think we should just call 2012 & 2013 my Zakes Mda years. I was going through my books, hoping that I would find my copy of Ways Of Dying. Sadly, some swine really did steal my book. Aaarrgh! But I did find a copy of The Whale Caller. Then Marcee suggested that perhaps I swapped books with someone and have forgotten about it.

The book is indeed about a whale caller, not to be confused with Hermanus whale crier. The Whale Crier alerts visitors when there are whales nearby. Never been to Hermanus but I understand that people go there for whale watching. The crier let’s them know where the whales are by blowing his horn. Don;t ask me how people know exactly where to go though.

Back to the book: The Whale Caller is about a love triangle. One with a twist; man, woman and whale. I want to tell you more but I feel like I would be doing the ‘annoying spoiler thing’. If you’re familiar with Zakes Mda’s writing then you already know that this is a magical book. He has a way of finding the magic in the mundane.

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