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In 2005 I couldn’t read or write music. So I bought a second hand keyboard. Took piano lessons as well as voice lessons. All I wanted, at the time, was to be able to translate the songs in my heart into something beautiful. Music has always been a big part of my life.

Labels & radio didn’t quite get my sound. But I am blessed to have a manager who abandoned ‘the box’ and found an audience for my music. 2 EPs and an album later my music was being played (on radio) in 36 countries. The journey was long, often disheartening but I stuck by the music. My journey is obviously different from other artists who have a label and a big machine behind them. I am my own label and everything I do is D.I.Y. Sometimes this can be a lonely journey but it is always fulfilling.

In 2013 I entered the Wawela Music Awards. At first I thought “what are the chances?” but my manager persisted. On the day nominees were announced, I was unable to attend. But I was alerted via twitter by someone that was there. Not only was I nominated once but twice.



best female 2

He he he. One day people will spell Porcelain the correct way ;)
He he he. One day people will spell Porcelain the correct way ;)

Knowing that I was nominated was enough for me. The Wawela Music Awards focus on singers/songwriters and composers with accomplishments on the local and international stage. I am by no means a ‘star’ in South Africa but my music has a life of its own outside of the borders. I was happy just to be recognised alongside one of my favourite artists (Lira).

My manager informed me that there would be a performance on the night of the awards. It was at this point that I called my father. Voice shaking, I told him that I felt overwhelmed. He assured me that I would be fine and would come back with one award. I didn’t believe him. Award night arrived and my stomach was in knots. Only God knows how I got through the performance of Johnny.

Johnny performance

Everything changed after that. The night is kind of a blur but I remember hearing my name. Giving a teary acceptance speech (I really should have written one in advance), changing my outfit, sitting down again and hearing my name again. Just like that! My whole career had changed.

Accepting my second award
Accepting my second award
I look terrified because I was. It all happened so quickly.
I look terrified because I was. It all happened so quickly.


That night I got to talk to Johnny Clegg, Mam’ Dorothy Mauku, Ray Phiri, Zwai Bala, Lira and many other people that I had admire for many many years. I could, honestly, go on and on about selling more albums (via my site) & getting booked for more gigs (both true). But being recognised for your craft, meeting other creative people (who want to collaborate) and being a part of something so wonderful… Nothing can compare to it.

There are 9 days till entries close for the 2014 Wawela Music Awards. Enter. You never know how it will change your life/career: Enter here.

Reading in 2013

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Reading in 2013

These are some of the books that I read last year. I promised myself at least 1 book a month and it went really well. I couldn’t put all the books I read in this pic. They had already been returned to their owners. You see? I’m good like that. I return people’s books ;)

If you want to find out more about the books. Just go here

The week in pics

I’m gonna try this out. If it doesn’t work then we’re just gonna act like it was a once off kinda-thing. Okay? Good. I won’t do this every week because… D.I.Y life.


wk1 Monday
After a super long Monday I had coffee at Vida. All I was thinking about was how much water I still had to drink. I’m trying to drink more water. It’s getting easier.


Went to dinner and a movie. No I didn't go see Khumba. It was Thor and OMG I LOVED it. Took a pic of the box because I thought it was cute.
Went to dinner and a movie. No I didn’t go see Khumba. It was Thor and OMG I LOVED it. Took a pic of the box because I thought it was cute.


wk1 Wed1
Had my first magazine shoot &b received awesome news about music things in 2014. *scream* I wanna share but the manager lady will murderise me. Also was reunited with my favourite makeup artist (Malinette Newman)


Went for burgers (and cheese fries) at Clarke’s. Lovely place :) Manager lady took me there to celebrate my first magazine shoot and super awesome 2014 things.


Thursday was another super long day. Missed a deadline (writing things). So I decided a pre-bedtime selfie would be a good way to cheer myself up.
Thursday was another super long day. Missed a deadline (writing things). So I decided a pre-bedtime selfie would be a good way to cheer myself up.


Work function. I didn't feel like talking to anybody because I am only at the 'office' for 3.5hrs a day. They don't know me and I didn't feel like making 'fake office party conversation'.
Work function. I didn’t feel like talking to anybody because I am only at the ‘office’ for 3.5hrs a day. They don’t know me and I didn’t feel like making ‘fake office party conversation’.


It was raining ALL DAY, so we went to Tasha's for the red velvet cupcakes & to 'watch the rain'. He he he
It was raining ALL DAY, so we went to Tasha’s for the red velvet cupcakes & to ‘watch the rain’. He he he


It stopped raining and I took a walk around the hood. Also I had a million DVDs to drop off. Let us never talk about my 'late fines'.
It stopped raining and I took a walk around the hood. Also I had a million DVDs to drop off. Let us never talk about my ‘late fines’.

September Book 2 (Red Ink)

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I’m just going to act like I didn’t take a bit of a break from the blogging stuff and move along swiftly to the second September book. I had never heard of the author (Angela Makholwa). I do this thing where I walk into a book store and search for SA fiction. I read the blurbs and hope for the best. Serial Killer stories are always intriguing, so a crime novel about one was bound to ‘get chose’.


PR Consultant Lucy Khambule receives a call from a convicted serial killer (Napolean Dingiswayo). He would like her to write a book about his life. Lucy agrees but she gets ‘more than she bargained’ for and finds herself in danger. Although Napolean is behind bars, she begins to suspect that he may be involved. <—– That is a quick summary.

How could I not be intrigued by a story like that? Firstly I will say that I really enjoyed the story. But I’m not so sure that I enjoyed the story-telling. I’m not sure if that makes sense… I’m a sucker for serial killer stories & the story was interesting to follow. But I already knew all the story’s ‘secrets’ before they were revealed.

If you’re looking for a fun holiday read then this one is for you. It is that time of the year; people want to take it easy. If you’re put off by blood etc. Don’t worry, there is very little violence in the book. Weird. But true.

My New Music Video (Hot Pink)

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Late last year I started releasing my new single (Hot Pink). Instead of sending it to radio and being annoyed by responses like “we’re not quite sure what format it is” or whatevs… I decided to release it ‘face to face’. So I went around Cape Town and introsuced myself to people (mainly at offices) and played them my new song.

We had so much fun doing this. My friend (Linda) was at some of these ‘Hot Pink Serenades’ and he put together this music video. I was not joking when I said I am a D.I.Y artist :)

September Book 1 (The Whale Caller)

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September Book 1 (The Whale Caller)

I think we should just call 2012 & 2013 my Zakes Mda years. I was going through my books, hoping that I would find my copy of Ways Of Dying. Sadly, some swine really did steal my book. Aaarrgh! But I did find a copy of The Whale Caller. Then Marcee suggested that perhaps I swapped books with someone and have forgotten about it.

The book is indeed about a whale caller, not to be confused with Hermanus whale crier. The Whale Crier alerts visitors when there are whales nearby. Never been to Hermanus but I understand that people go there for whale watching. The crier let’s them know where the whales are by blowing his horn. Don;t ask me how people know exactly where to go though.

Back to the book: The Whale Caller is about a love triangle. One with a twist; man, woman and whale. I want to tell you more but I feel like I would be doing the ‘annoying spoiler thing’. If you’re familiar with Zakes Mda’s writing then you already know that this is a magical book. He has a way of finding the magic in the mundane.

August Book 4 (Animal Farm)

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August Book 4 (Animal Farm)

Let’s just ignore the fact that I disappeared for a month and focus on the fact that I read 4 books in August. I read Animal Farm at school & enjoyed it.

A friend of ours bought Marcee the book (a few weeks ago). When she was finished with it, I gave it a read. I’m so glad that I did because I felt like I understood it more. Most of this book actually had me gasping because it reminded me so much of what is happening in South Africa. I really don’t feel like going into it right now but I’m sure you can (easily) work it out.

August Book 3 (Living, Loving and Lying Awake at Night)

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Don’t even ask me how I’ve had time to read 3 books this month. I don’t know how and I am just grateful for it. Really I am. Last month I was very sick (with a chest infection that wouldn’t go away) and I spent a lot of time in bed or running around trying to catch up. I’m grateful for my health and being able to wake up early (4:30 am) and read while the world is still quiet-ish.

Sindiwe Magona is a wonderful woman. I interviewed her a few times (when I was a radio person in my past life) and she is hillarious. She is also one heck of a speaker. I had never read any of her work and I wanted to remedy that quickly. It was almost a year ago when I bought this book. Anybody who knows me will tell you that I buy more books than I read (I’m working on my addiction). I never leave home without a book. A few mornings ago I discovered that I didn’t have a book in my bag. I ran downstairs to the dungeon and grabbed the first book I saw. Image

Living, Loving and Lying Awake is collection of short stories about Black Women during apartheid. In fact the first few short stories are those of domestic workers/maids. Those stories are everything that The Help struggled to be. I am absolutely taken with the way Sindiwe Magona writes. She is very honest and never afraid for the story to get ugly.

I wept when I read ‘Two Little Girls & a City’. It is a short story about 2 little girls who are murdered on the same day. One in the township and another on the Atlantic Seaboard. Both in Cape Town. Both had loving parents but their stories were treated differently.

This book is by no means depressing. There are stories of young girls who grew up in townships and their experiences. All experiences I could relate to. I laughed, cried (as stated before), clapped and even exclaimed (as though I was listening to juicy gossip). Sindiwe Magona told so many important, honest and touching stories. I want everyone to read this book of short stories. Do yourself a favour :)

The incredibly talented Sindiwe Magona (image via Mail&Guardian click on it to go there)

August Book 2 (Sculptors of Mapungubwe)

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*It’s not often one can say they have become friends with one of their favourite authors. I also don’t think I’ve ever read an advance copy of an author’s personal copy. But now I can say that I have. He he he he. Look at me! I turn 30 and start rubbing shoulders with lovely people… And stealing their books. Well… I am returning it this Tuesday so don’t you judge me!


After the first book of the month I was in desperate need of something that would MOVE me. Oh boy was I moved after I finished reading The Sculptors of Mapungubwe.

We are taken back in time (1223 CE) in the kingdom of Mapungubwe. The story is that of a rivalry between Rendi (Rendani) and Chata (Chatambudza). The 2 are raised as brothers even thought Chata is the son of one of Rendi’s father’s workers. The relationship of the 2 boys begins to strain when Rendi suspects that his father favours Chata.

Years later when Rendi holds the esteemed position of Royal Sculptor he still holds a grudge towards Chata. Chata on the other hand is unmarried (Rendani has 3 wives) and seems to only be interested in doing whatever he pleases.  I was absolutely drawn into this tale of rivalry between the 2 sculptors who once considered each other brothers. It is beautiful, tragic, magical and energetic.

What made me love this novel is the details (and descriptions) of the day to day lives of the people of Mapungubwe. In school we are not taught anything about South Africa before 1652 (Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival). I know it is not a historical novel but dammit it felt good to read about something way before 1652 (in South Africa). I love the book. It’s available on Amazon. Get it, you won’t regret it. This is one of my favourite reads of the year.

*This is not my first time on ‘The Internets’. I know how some of my opening lines can be misconstrued (by the bored and always offended) as boasting. Please believe that I was not boasting and it was all ‘tongue in cheek’ a.k.a ‘I’m such a dork’ b.k.a ‘you know I don’t believe any of that stuff’. So please don’t start something neh? I thank you.

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