Today Is The Day

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Since I’m sharing music… Thought I might as well share some of my own. Below is the music video for my song Today Is The Day, from my upcoming album Invincible Summer. You can actually pre-order the album starting today. If you pre-order the album you could WIN a private performance by me and my band ANYWHERE in South Africa. If you’re not in the country, don’t be sad you also get a FREE limited edition t-shirt with the album.

So, if you are interested in pre-ordering the album just WhatsApp/sms ‘Invincible’ to to +2782 643 6020 or BBM ‘Invincible’ to 297A1643 for more information.

I Need Music Therapy

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I’ve been performing since I was a kid. I never really had a fear of public speaking, singing, acting or any of that stuff. I always felt at home on the stage. I stopped performing when I left high school and never really did anything (musically) when I was at university. I wrote (secretly), but I never did any performing.

When I moved to Cape Town I started working at night as a singing waitress. I was a HORRIBLE waitress, I’m being honest here. I think the only reason I didn’t get fired was because of my singing ability and my love of performing. I was hardly getting any sleep, but singing kept me happy. It was then when I realised that writing songs and performing them is my therapy. It keeps me sane.

Last week I performed Hot Pink and 2 other songs at Boom fm. Now I’ve been itching to perform again. Law’ ha’ mercy! I need some therapy :)

The folks at Boom fm sent me the video of me performing Today is the day. Have a look:

That jacket is becoming one of my favourites :)

Almost Done

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At the end of October, I will be done with the new album. It has been almost 2 and a half years in the making. WHAT?! And I think I will be so happy when the whole album is don When we started working on the album, I thought it would be a few months max. It truly has been exhausting to have taken so long to finish a body of work. It has just left me feeling ‘incomplete’.

Every time I feel so bleh, I try to look back at my journey and congratulate myself. In 2008 I worked on my first EP and wrote Teacup. I was taking piano lessons at the time and it was the first song I had ever written. Listen to the lyrics, I wasn’t lying.

I truly am just a ‘Teacup girl’

Hot Pink at Boom fm

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Yesterday I debuted my new single (Hot Pink) at Boom fm HQ. It was part of their ‘On the deck’ series. We started off with an interview; we discussed why I chose to go the D.I.Y way and what some of the pros and cons are. I also performed acoustic version of Butterflies and Today is the Day.

I LOVE performing and what made this performance so awesome is that it was on the roof top/deck thing (yes, I’m very bright). With the backdrop of table mountain and red wine (thanks Ruth) I was in heaven. It was so awesome to hang out with the Boom fm crew :)

mic check 1… 2… Is this thing on?

Posed in front of the poster to prove that I was actually there :)
With Jacques, Ruth and Stefan

Good times :)

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