Saturday Jam (John Legend)

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I like this song. A LOT! He had me with ‘Get Lifted’. John can do no wrong in my eyes/ears. Enjoy the Saturday Jam.

I know this is weird, but I can’t help thinking how trusting he must be to let the woman in the video touch his face (and lips). Yeah, its weird. But I have a thing about people touching my face. Eeeuw. I don’t know where your hands have been. Ha ha ha. I’m gonna stop.

Bearded and What Now?

A few weeks ago while I was filling up (my car) I saw a man with a beard. He was so HOT I immediately tweeted that I would kiss him AND his beard. I can’t say that I was a beard girl before… But I think I am becoming one. Thanks to the tumblr Bearded and Black I can (safely) look at some hotties with beards. This is a safe space, so no judgement!

I visited the blog today and saw the most talented and good looking Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def)

Law’ ha’ mercy!!

This made me find one my MOST favourite-est songs by this dude, check out the video below.

BOP TV used to play music videos late at night and I used to stay up on a Friday or Saturday night to see this one.

Red Lips

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I’ve always wanted red lipstick and I have been struggling to get the perfect shade of red. Today while Marcee was getting some lip balm from Mac, I started looking for the ‘perfect red’. Sadly I didn’t find one, but I did find lip liner that I could use as an alternative. Its bold and it doesn’t clash with my skin tone. Her are pics of Marcee (my best friend and manager lady) posing at home.

I won’t lie… I’m mad that MY perfect red looks so perfect on Marcee
There was something in my eye. *sniff*


SO happy with the Perfect Red. Watch out folks, I will be pouting all day tomorrow ;)

Fine and Mellow

To call myself a fan of Billie Holiday, would not be enough. I’m a lover of both Billie and her music. I remember when I heard her for the first time, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the ‘raw’. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to observe it (from a distance) or question if it had been there forever.

Miss Holiday

I could listen to Billie all day, wake up the next day and do it again. I love what she says at the beginning of the video about never singing a song the same. The music is such a big part of her that she cannot separate herself from it. God Bless Miss Holiday.

Image via Black Contemporary Art

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