Feb ’14 Book (July’s People)

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I JUST finished this book. February was short and I had many things to do. I’m amazed (and ashamed) that I’ve never read a Nadine Gordimer book before. Nobody recommended this one. I was at my favourite bookstore just looking for South African Fiction. July’s People jumped out at me.


I have often wondered what would have become of South Africa if the ‘transition’ was not peaceful. Things got pretty violent before our first democratic elections. Much of the violence was between black people. I won’t give a history lesson because… Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Nadine Gordimer’s book goes to that place: What if there was a violent take over? The Smales, a liberal couple with 3 children, find themselves with nowhere to run. They are taken in by their servant July. He takes them to his village and suddenly they find themselves relying on July. For everything.

You know I’m not big on ‘spoilers’.

Writing: I am so happy to have finally read my first Nadine Gordimer. She writes beautifully. That is stating the obvious, I guess. They don’t just give the Nobel (Literature) Prize to anyone.

The story: Very very intense. I realised that I would often hold my breathe while reading it. There are so many aspects to the story that I feel like I should read this book again (later in the year). Some of the conversations that the characters have made me wish South Africans would do the same. There are many things that we haven’t been able to be honest about. A lot of misconceptions that lead to resentment. There is a lot of that in this book.

Verdict: Go to your library, bookstore etc. and get this book.

On to the next one!

Jan ’14 (Americanah)

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I’m at it again. Trying to read one book a month. To be fair. I started reading Americanah in December but I was at home and my family doesn’t give me ‘free’. There were so many wonderful reviews by magazine people and ‘real’ people about this book. I had to get it. Purple Hibiscus is also a very beautiful book, so I trusted the author.

This is a pic of me reading the book in the bath. It was December and that was the only time I could read.
This is a pic of me reading the book in the bath. It was December and that was the only time I could read.

Honestly, I wanted to love this book. This book is the ‘perfect’ guy that your friends try to set you up with. ‘He’s perfect’ they’ll say. You know, and like, his sister. “How different can they be if they were raised by the same parent?” you ask. The answer: VERY!

There is no doubt that Chimamanda Ngozi Adicihie writes beautifully. I enjoy her ‘way’ with words. She makes ordinary things seems so enchanting and yet brutally real. THAT is why I love her. It’s the story that I’m not all that crazy about. Love the writing. Not the story. Is it  a bad story? Not at all. Just not one that I enjoyed.

It is the story of 2 high school sweethearts who seem to have it all figured out. Of course, we all know that nobody has it ‘all figured out’ in high school. So life throws them some real curve balls. They find themselves on ‘opposite sides of the world’ and estranged. The book deals with how different ‘blackness; is for African (in this case Nigerians) than it is for ‘African Americans’. I enjoyed some of the insights. The main character Ifemelu becomes a ‘race blogger’ in the US and she adjusts (somewhat) to life in the US. But the desire to go back home is so strong that she finally makes the move back home.

I feel like I’m describing the entire book he he he. Read this book. It is beautifully written by an author that I love and respect. Perhaps you’ll enjoy the story. I haven’t met one person who didn’t.

Reading in 2013

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Reading in 2013

These are some of the books that I read last year. I promised myself at least 1 book a month and it went really well. I couldn’t put all the books I read in this pic. They had already been returned to their owners. You see? I’m good like that. I return people’s books ;)

If you want to find out more about the books. Just go here

The week in pics

I’m gonna try this out. If it doesn’t work then we’re just gonna act like it was a once off kinda-thing. Okay? Good. I won’t do this every week because… D.I.Y life.


wk1 Monday
After a super long Monday I had coffee at Vida. All I was thinking about was how much water I still had to drink. I’m trying to drink more water. It’s getting easier.


Went to dinner and a movie. No I didn't go see Khumba. It was Thor and OMG I LOVED it. Took a pic of the box because I thought it was cute.
Went to dinner and a movie. No I didn’t go see Khumba. It was Thor and OMG I LOVED it. Took a pic of the box because I thought it was cute.


wk1 Wed1
Had my first magazine shoot &b received awesome news about music things in 2014. *scream* I wanna share but the manager lady will murderise me. Also was reunited with my favourite makeup artist (Malinette Newman)


Went for burgers (and cheese fries) at Clarke’s. Lovely place :) Manager lady took me there to celebrate my first magazine shoot and super awesome 2014 things.


Thursday was another super long day. Missed a deadline (writing things). So I decided a pre-bedtime selfie would be a good way to cheer myself up.
Thursday was another super long day. Missed a deadline (writing things). So I decided a pre-bedtime selfie would be a good way to cheer myself up.


Work function. I didn't feel like talking to anybody because I am only at the 'office' for 3.5hrs a day. They don't know me and I didn't feel like making 'fake office party conversation'.
Work function. I didn’t feel like talking to anybody because I am only at the ‘office’ for 3.5hrs a day. They don’t know me and I didn’t feel like making ‘fake office party conversation’.


It was raining ALL DAY, so we went to Tasha's for the red velvet cupcakes & to 'watch the rain'. He he he
It was raining ALL DAY, so we went to Tasha’s for the red velvet cupcakes & to ‘watch the rain’. He he he


It stopped raining and I took a walk around the hood. Also I had a million DVDs to drop off. Let us never talk about my 'late fines'.
It stopped raining and I took a walk around the hood. Also I had a million DVDs to drop off. Let us never talk about my ‘late fines’.

Award Winning Album & stuff…

A few months ago my Manager Lady (Marcee) told me about the Wawela Music Awards. “Wouldn’t it be cool if you were nominated?” she said. I shrugged and moved on with life. You could say that I am not exactly an ‘award artist’. It’s just not something I consider. I spend my time dreaming up fantastic songs, videos and performances.

A few months later I heard via Phiona, from Afripop Mag, that I was nominated for 2 awards. This all happened on Twitter.



I excitedly called Marcee to let her know that I was nominated. She LOST her damn mind ha ha ha. I called my dad and said “I’m nervous because I am up against Lira in both categories.” My father responded “Lira is great but she is not unbeatable”. Knowing that my parents thought I could win was enough for me.

On the 28th (June 2013) we were all dressed up and ready for the big night.

Marcee in the waiting area. She kept saying “My Afro is so well behaved tonight” ha ha ha. LOVE that Melody Ehsani neck piece she is wearing

Honestly, I was more concerned with my performance than I was about winning. Whenever I perform I focus all of my energy on the performance. Once that is done, I become normal again. I had just finished my performance when I heard “Black Porcelain”. It was for Best Creative Album.

I don’t remember what I said. I hope I thanked all the right people. (pic courtesy of SAMRO)

Everything after that is a bit of a blur. I went and posed for a pic (forgive the crazy look).

My mom always tells me not to pull funny faces. She says this smile makes me look crazy ha ha ha. (Pic courtesy of SAMRO)

I had to get out of my performance dress and as soon as that was over I thought I could relax. While I was looking for a wine glass, I heard “Black Porcelain” again. I couldn’t believe it. It was my second award. TWO BLOODY AWARDS!!

Well this smile is not so bad (Pic courtesy of SAMRO)
Aaaaand back to the crazy smile ha ha ha. I was the biggest winner that night. Surely that’s a good excuse for the crazy eyes? (Pics courtesy of SAMRO)

Needless to say Marcee and I partied (like it was 1999) and then took one last picture before we passed out (promptly)

2 Witches. 2 Awards. We were exhausted at this point. Exhausted & happy team :)

So there you go! I can now say Invincible Summer is an award winning album and so am I. Ha ha ha ha. This silly post has taken me much longer than I thought it would. Love & strength to professional bloggers. I need a nap.

Markets, Juice & Laughter

Markets, Juice & Laughter

This weekend was perfect! Woke up after 10. Went to Old Biscuit Mill to eat food, admire bearded boys, talk to friends, buy kale (stop rolling your eyes), drink wine and act like the weather was not semi-gloomy.

After Biscuit Mill Marcee forced me to drive to Shelley’s (on Kloof) because she HAD to have juice. Not just plain old Carrot Apple & Ginger like me. She had to have Apple, Pear & Mint juice. Something about the colours behind her and the way she was smiling… It felt beautiful. I had to take a picture of her. We also laughed a lot. Till my tummy hurt.

Sunday was pretty much yummy food and watching Dr Who. I couldn’t ask for a better winter weekend.

May book 3 (Home)

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May book 3 (Home)

Imagine how excited I was when I found out that Toni Morrison has a new novel… It felt like Christmas!!!

I noticed when I bought it that it was a short book. I paced myself and tried not to fly through it but… it’s Toni. How could I not?

The book is about a soldier, Frank Money, who returns from the Korean war and tries to integrate back into society. It seems as though he is failing until he get’s an ominous note saying “Come fast. she be dead if you Tarry.” This note take Frank on a journey he never imagined he would take. A journey back home and one that requires him to be brave and truthful.

I LOVED this book and will be reading it again when i need quiet and to be reminded just how UNREAL Toni Morrison’s gift is. Thank badimo for Toni. Haleloo!

May Book 2 (Left to Tell)

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May Book 2 (Left to Tell)

This book was recommended by a friend. I never really read books recommended by other people because I feel like reading is such a personal thing and we all have our own preferences. But I read it anyway because it was about the Rwandan Holocaust.

The story is an interesting one. I was very curious to find out about the holocaust from one of the survivors. I am in disbelief that something like this happened in the 90’s and very few ‘western’ and African countries did something about it. One day we will all have to explain to our children how something so awful happened AGAIN and why nobody came to the rescue of the Tutsi people.

There is another part of me that LOATHES what colonialism did to African people. I’m not willing to justify my beliefs and am certainly not in the mood to ‘debate’. All I’m saying is: if you don’t see how much colonialism has broken African people then… You’re a *CENSORED*!

The only down side to this book is that 60% of it is about religion. She mentions praying, God and religious things waaaay too much. Had I known this was a Hay House book, O would never have read it. I feel as though the author could have done less religious and the-secret-type-of preaching and focused more on the human element.

Read this book if you don’t mind the OBVIOUSLY preachy Hay House vibes. One half of me is glad that I read it. the other half? Meh!

May Book 1 (Philida)

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May Book (Philida)

Marcee raved about A Dry White Season by Andre Brink so when we were at the book store and I saw Philida I thought I would give it a try.

I’m not sorry that I bought this book. It’s the story about Philida, a slave, and the journey to becoming free. Free from her ‘owners’ and the secrets that threaten to cripple her. I also enjoyed some of the history in the book. I live in Cape Town, so that made the book even more interesting for me.

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