Album Review (Jennifer Neves – Geneva)

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On Saturday I introduced Summer 196. Its my crazy idea to get reviews of Invincible Summer from all 196 countries. The first review was written by Nomsa Mdhluli (from Cape Town, South Africa). The next album review is from Geneva (Switzerland) and it is written by Jennifer Neves:

So I got my copy of Invincible Summer as soon as it listed on iTunes . It sat alongside several other similarly titled albums… most of them compilations of the club and rave music you would find on every self respecting Ibiza playlist!!! Lol If that is what you were hoping for when you picked up Black Porcelain’s Invincible Summer, then I suggest you put down the album sleeve and step away from the grown people’s section!! This album is mature and as regal as the queen on its cover.

It is eclectic in that it balances really feel good tracks like DON’T FROWN and HOT PINK with melancholic tunes like IT’S NOT NEWS and my personal favourite, JOHNNY….this song has magnificent runs and puts on display the artist’s captivating vocal ability accompanied only by a piano, simple in its arrangement and powerful in its delivery.

Love, love, love it….just one small observation, SLIP would make a sick dance tune….have you offered to sleep with David Guetta yet madam? If you haven’t, I suggest you get right on it….world dance hits don’t just make themselves you know :-))))))

– Jennifer Neves (Geneva, Switzerland)

Jen 2

Jen 1

Jennifer was born in Swaziland but now lives and works in Geneva… As a model. I’m kidding, but she is just gorgeous and funny.

CoverInvincible Summer is on iTunes. You can also buy it HERE using PayPal or EFT and we will post it you. If you want to review the album, leave a comment below :)

Album Review (Nomsa Mdhluli)

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Being a D.I.Y artist means I get to have fun with this release. A few days ago I came up with an idea that I’m calling Summer 196. I want to see if I can get at least one review of my album (Invincible Summer) from all 196 countries in the world. So far I have about 10 lined up. The first one is by Nomsa Mdhluli.

Smooth, laid-back, sophistcated, a vaguely Jazzy sounds: aptly
describes the album: Invincible.

The track ‘Today is the Day’ best displays Black Porcelain’s alluring
and smooth voice, the music arrangement on the song is world class.
It’s no surprise that it’s attracting International attention.

Another of my favourite tracks on the album: Aching Head- offers a
giddy and catchy tune and is instantly memorable with clever lyrics.

This album will definitely be accompanying me on my next road trip!

- Nomsa Mdhluli (Cape Town South Africa)

nomsa 1Nomsa 2Nomsa currently lives in Cape Town and she works in radio as a producer and presenter. If you would like to be a part of Summer 196, leave a comment below and we’ll talk. I would like the next review not to be from South Africa though.

CoverThe album is out. Yay!! It is available on iTunes and you can buy it via PayPal or makeĀ  an EFT, we contact you and post it. So many options. Go HERE to choose one that works for you.

So Close!!!!!

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So Close!!!!!

Was doing some work this morning & decided to look at the album sleeve. Wanted to share some of my excitement with you. In a few days I will be sending out pre-ordered copies AND announcing the winner of the performance. Yaaaaaaaay!!! He he he my desktop is often a mess (don’t judge)

Get The Album (Invincible Summer)

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So… Pre-orders close on the 31st of December. Have you pre-ordered your copy? It comes with a free (limited edition) t-shirt and the price includes shipping. AND you could win a private performance by me and my band (if you’re in South Africa).

invincible pre-order

This past week I was in studio taking care of those things that caused the album delay. It was so lovely to hear all the songs. Sometimes when I create, I forget to step back and actually enjoy what I’ve done. This album has almost been 3 years in the making. We took a lot of breaks in between (mainly because the project is self financed). There were times when I was certain that we would never complete the album.

We spent many late hours in the studio this week. On Thursday I wore my sexy ‘blue’ shoes. They were disrespecting my feet in a major way, by the end of the night. I had been wearing them ALL day. No matter. They are still pretty. I just won’t wear them from 8am to midnight next time.

They are Errol Arendz. Saw them in a magazine and stalked them for 2 months :)
They are Errol Arendz. Saw them in a magazine and stalked them for 2 months :)

Thank you to all the people who have pre-ordered the album so far. If you haven’t yet…. Watchu waiting for? ;)

Enjoy the holidays and tell someone you love how you feel. I have already. Not with my family this Christmas (because of album stuff). But I am going to Christmas lunch with a close friend and her family. There is love everywhere.

Black Porcelain. Out!

Delays, Distractions and Tears

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So… As you may or may not know. Today was supposed to be the last day of pre-orders. But a week or 2 ago, we had a bit of production drama (completely out of my control). We were supposed to go to print tomorrow, but alas.

I cried big hot salty tears and threw a couple of things. I had a tall tantrum! But my sweet Marcee reminded me that I am hurting myself by getting mad at things that I cannot control. Wise. So I sent out emails, texts (allow) & WhatsApp messages to all my pre-order folks telling them about the delay.

Because we are now printing we have decided to extend the pre-order process till the end of this year. I’m mad that I won;t be able to slow dance with a copy of my album as we count down to 2013. I really wanted it to be the first to touch these lips. Bleh!

So, if you haven’t pre-ordered the album. Go ahead and do it!


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