2014 Travels (option 1)

I thought I wanted to go to Brazil for the World Cup next year. After much thought I realised that I’m just not passionate enough and my FOMO is non existent. So… We’ve decided that we’re going to…

Madrid. Looking pretty & lit up

This seems much better than being in a place where everyone is there to ‘have fun’ and ‘enjoy the soccer fever’.

Get some sun in Barcelona

I better start learning some Spanish.Image


Need to learn how to say ‘this drink is awesome! I love this song… now kiss me.’ Kidding… Kinda… Not really… Maybe.

Have you been to Spain? Did you like it? What didn’t you like about it? Where should I ABSOLUTELY go and what should I miss? Let me know.

Silence, Home & Stuff

I’ve been quiet because I went home for a bit. I needed the quiet time with people that I love.

  • Discovered that I am a fan of Come Dine With Me (not so crazy about the SA version though)
  • Stayed up late with my little brother, talking, listening to music & laughing
  • Stayed up late with my mom drinking wine, getting some great advice and laughing
  • Had lots of ‘aha’ moments (thanks Oprah)
  • Didn’t miss my loud, obnoxious neighbours
  • Sold many albums & delivered them personally (except one: it was raining and I was already sick so I asked little bro to jump out of car and deliver it)
  • Drove my dad’s car (A LOT)
  • Broke out in a gross rash
  • Ate so much bad food
  • Made food for everyone (breakfast, dinner and lunch)
  • Read a book that my nephew got out of the school library for me to read. I buy him books all the time, he wanted to return the favour.
  • Went out with little bro and his friends and was a responsible designated driver.
  • Didn’t get to see as many people as I wanted to
  • Rubbed my mom’s back and feet
  • Bonded with dad over books I got him
  • Helped nephew with homework
  • Let my niece be a sulky teenager
  • Yelled at my niece for being a rude teenager
  • Went to see my big bro’s house
  • Helped big bro with some of his work ideas.
  • Had G&Ts with little bro
  • Taught dad how to make breakfast smoothies
  • Learned how to use my parent’s super complicated oven (first had to change the language from German to English first)
  • Didn’t exercise at all. Not. Even. Once.
  • Parents took us out to celebrate me being home & little brother being some sort of a genius.
  • Made my mom have a piece of sushi and dad tasted squid.
  • Got bossed around by 7 year old niece who wanted to watch Beauty & the Beast a million times
  • Lost a family member
  • My heart felt like it had cracked. I am heartbroken about the loss.
  • Took the bus back to Cape Town (long story). It’s 18 hours on the road
  • Didn’t hate taking the bus
  • Came back to my empty flat and here we are….

Something tells me it is time to get back to yoga and training. My time at home was basically me overdosing on love and food.


I’m a runner

I'm a runner

I’m a runner. When a place or people get ‘toxic’, I run. Seemingly, I have been in the same place for a long time. It’s time to run. I am so unbelievably attracted to the Eiffel Tower. It is ridiculous.

I’ve been telling my friend @beanbagboy that he should move to New York. He’s wanted to live in New York for AGES. So, I’m gonna take my own advice.

I don’t think I’ll go live in Paris, but I will make it my yearly thing. 3/4 weeks a year should be enough to keep me going. I’m definitely putting my running shoes on. Its time to run away.